Zetuvit® Plus

Zetuvit® Plus is a wound dressing particularly suitable for the management of heavily exuding wounds, featuring SAP for high absorbency. The SAP binds wound exudate rapidly and reliably retains it within the absorbent core.

The high absorption and retention capacity reduces the risk of maceration to the wound and surrounding tissue. Non-woven material on the backside of the dressing helps to prevent exudate strike-through.


  • Low irritant and low adherent
  • Due to its high absorbency levels and ability to retain the exudate, less dressing changes are required through the day, saving on product costs, treatment time and physical labour
  • Superior patient comfort

Pack Size: PC-413710 (Box 10), PC-143711 (Box 10), PC-413712 (Box 10), PC-413713 (Box 10), PC-413714 (Box 5)