Surgifix Tubular Bandage

Surgifix Tubular Bandage is a white, soft, elastic tubular bandage knitted from polyester, polyamide and latex yarns. The special construction ensures that the bandage can be stretched without shrinking or distorting and minimises torniquet effect. Surgifix Tubular Bandage is available in a 9m roll in 9 sizes and can be stretched to 25m in length.

Surgifix Tubular Bandage is ideal for dressing retention on heads, fingers and other awkward sites and is particularly useful for dressing retention in chronic wound treatment. It is easy to apply and is highly versatile to fit a broad range of indications.

The open breathable design allows easy monitoring of the wound site or device and ensures that the dressing is held firmly in position, without restricting patient movement. Surgifix Tubular Bandage is easy to wash and change compared to standard crepe bandages and is a cool, conformable, low-bulk bandage solution.


  • Knitted from a unique polyester, polyamide and latex yarn construction
  • Stretches without shrinking or distorting
  • The roll format allows the bandage to be cut to the required size to minimise wastage, making it highly cost-effective
  • Soft, white elastic net design
  • Highly versatile
  • Cool, comfortable and low bulk
  • Useful for awkward sites and chronic wound dressing retention
  • 9 sizes for a variety of applications
  • Available in a 9m roll which can be stretched up to 25m


Surgifix Tubular Bandage is available in the following sizes:

  • #0.5 – Small Finger or Palm – Width: 11mm +/- 1.1mm
  • #1 – 1 or 2 Fingers or Wrist – Width: 18mm +/- 1.8mm
  • #2 – 3 or more Fingers, Hand or Arm – Width: 20mm +/- 2.0mm
  • #3 – Arm, Elbow, Foot or Leg – Width: 22mm +/- 2.2mm
  • #4 – Knee, Leg, Thigh or Umbilical Cord – Width: 28mm +/- 2.8mm
  • #5 – Head, Knee, Leg, Thigh or Umbilical Cord – Width: 30mm +/- 3.0mm
  • #5.5 – Genital, Femoral Regions, Head or Axilla – Width: 43mm +/- 4.3mm
  • #6 – Anal, Genital, Femoral Regions or Head – Width: 56mm +/- 5.6mm
  • #7 – Leg, Umbilical Cord, Genital Region, Trunk or Amputations – Width: 61mm +/- 6.1mm

Pack Size: BO-7750 (Each), BO-7751 (Each), BO-7752 (Each), BO-7753 (Each), BO-7754 (Each), BO-7755 (Each), BO-7759 (Each), BO-7756 (Each), BO-7757 (Each)