The Medi Sink Hand Wash Station is an entirely self-contained, free standing hand washing station designed as an easy addition to any medical or health services consultation room. Medi Sink is most suitable when plumbing is inaccessible, too expensive, impractical or simply not possible. It is ideal for situations such as leased offices, heritage buildings and temporary locations.

The Medi Sink’s plug and play design means anyone can set up and operate the appliance with ease. The unit was designed in collaboration with infection control practitioners to meet both hand washing regulations and to serve as a practical hand washing facility without the need for plumbing. Medi Sink can hygienically hold 10 litres of fresh water and 10 litres of waste water within its internal tanks and has a built in smart power unit which pumps and heats the water on demand.

Medi Sink can be permanently fixed if desired and mains fresh/waste water fittings can also be fitted if plumbing becomes available at a later date.

Medi Sink Hand Wash Station Features

  • No installation necessary – just take it out of the box, place it where you want it, fill the tank with water and plug the unit into power
  • Durable ceramic basin on a laminated MDF body
  • Sensor operated
  • Timed, 10 second, temperature regulated (40-45 degree) wash cycle
  • Cold water continuous flow button
  • Quick, effective disinfection routine
  • Self-contained fresh water and waste (No plumbing required)

Medi Sink Hand Wash Station Specifications

  • 10 litre capacity (50 x 10 second hand washes)
  • H: 106cm x W: 46cm x D: 31cm
  • 10 amp, 2.4 kw, 220/240 VAC power (normal wall socket)

Pack Size: SF-MEDI (Each)