Ecosyn® Primecut Absorbable Sutures

Ecosyn® Primecut Absorbable Sutures are a synthetic absorbable monofilament suture produced from Poly (Glycolide-co-Caprolactone) (PGCL). Ecosyn® Primecut Absorbable Sutures are portrayed by their high tensile strength, ideal smoothness of a monofilament and good handling and knotting characteristic. The PGCL suture is available in dyed in FDA approved dyestuff D&C Violet No 2 or undyed. The material is exclusive in predictable absorption properties.

Ecosyn® Primecut Absorbable Suture Specifications

  • Type: Absorbable Surgical Sutuure
  • Material: Synthetic, Monofilament, Poly (Glycolide-co-Caprolactone) (PGCL)
  • Color of Thread: Violet/Undyed
  • Sizes: USP 3/0 to USP 6/0
  • Tensile Strength Retention: Approx. 50-60% remains at 7 days, 20%-30% remains at 14 days. Tensile loss between 3-4 weeks
  • Mass Absorption Rate: 90-120 days breakdown by hydrolysis (minimal)
  • Common application: All short/mid term application

Pack Size: Box of 12

About Vigilenz

Established in 2002, Vigilenz are a Malaysian medical and surgical product manufacturer specialising in surgical sutures. Vigilenz export their products to over 26 countries and pride themselves on offering unsurpassed quality products made possible via a modern ISO class 8 production facility in Penang, Malaysia.

With an excellent quality system ISO 13485:2012 in place complemented by highly trained and motivated personnel, Vigilenz is the first Malaysian design and development company to attain Class III CE marked products.

Marne Medical are proud to be the exclusive Australian distributors of Vigilenz Surgical Sutures and are excited to introduce such high quality and cost effective sutures to the Australian market, providing a broader product range to our healthcare professionals. TGA approval is currently being sought by Marne Medical for a number of additional Vigilenz products so stay tuned for more product updates in the future.

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Pack Size: PC-Y37PD19W (Box 12), PC-Y44PD16W (Box 12), PC-Y47PD19W (Box 12), PC-Y54PD13W (Box 12), PC-Y54PD16W (Box 12), PC-Y64PD13W (Box 12)