Dafilon Sutures

Dafilon Sutures are non-absorbable synthetic monofilament sutures made of polyamide polymers 6/6.6 (dyed blue or undyed) or polyamide 6.6 (dyed black).

Dafilon Sutures have a high tensile strength combined with elasticity that ensures compact and safe knotting during procedures. They also have excellent penetration in strong and flexible tissues.


  • High tensile strength
  • Flexible, easy to handle and tie
  • Smooth passage through tissue
  • Excellent histocompatibility


Dafilon® blue and Dafilon® undyed are indicated for the closure of superficial wounds and plastic surgery. Dafilon® black is used for microsurgical and ophthalmic purposes.are an inert non-absorbable polyamide monofilament suture used for plastic surgery, skin closure, micro-vascular surgery, ophthalmology and orthopaedics.

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Pack Size: PC-C0932213 (Box 36), PC-G0932353 (Box 12), PC-C0932353 (Box 36), PC-G0932132 (Box 12), PC-C0932086 (Box 36), PC-C0932132 (Box 36), PC-C0932205 (Box 36), PC-G0932124 (Box 12), PC-C0932124 (Box 36), PC-G0932191 (Box 12), PC-C0932191 (Box 36), PC-C0932116 (Box 36), PC-C0932078 (Box 36), PC-C0936081 (Box 36), PC-C0932060 (Box 36)