Examination Lighting

Medical Examination Lights

Examination Lights are a type of medical grade lighting that is used by general practitioners, nurses and other healthcare specialists to help examine a patient’s condition.

Examination Lights can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, or for greater portability, on a mobile stand. LED Examination Lights are by far the most popular thanks to their more intense light and long life span. Marne Medical stock a wide variety of diagnostic lighting from a number of quality manufacturers.

Common Uses of Examination Lights

Medical Exam Lights are used in a variety of clinical examinations including examining skin cancers and lesions, and performing small diagnostic procedures. They may be used by general practitioners, nurses, dermatologists, gynaecologists, and other medical specialists.

Different Sorts of Examination Lights

Medical Exam Lights are available in a range of variations including LED, Halogen, Magnifying and UV. They can be mounted in a number of ways including Handheld, Wall Mounted, Ceiling Mounted, Floor Mounted or Head Mounted.

LED Examination Lights

LED Exam Lights are the most popular type of medical lamp thanks to their high colour temperature and light intensity. LED lights allow you to see true tissue rendition and also help to enhance patient comfort by producing minimal heat. LEDs are an extremely cost effective option, despite their initial outlay, as they have an exceptionally long life span and a low energy consumption.

Halogen Examination Lights

Halogen Medical Lights, such as the Superlux B Mobile Light, are a great option for those who are budget conscious and only need to perform simple examination procedures. Halogens produce a warmer, more yellow light than LEDs and require replacing after a certain length of use.

Magnifying Examination Lights

Magnifying Lamps are a specialist medical light that have a viewing lense that provides 2 x magnification. They are ideal for viewing skin cancers, lesions, warts and splinters and are used by doctors, dermatologists, skin cancer clinics and vets. Our most popular Magnifying Examination Lamp is the Maggyvue Magnifying Lamp.

UV Examination Lights

UV Examination Lights, also known as a Woods Lamp, emits black light in order to identify and diagnose particular skin conditions. They are commonly used in Dermatology to identify fungal infections and bacterial infections which appear coloured under black light. Ultra Violet Light is also used to diagnose certain conditions affecting skin pigmentation such as vitiligo.

Medical Lighting Mounting Options

Medical Examination Lighting is available in a variety of mounting options to suit a number of clinical environments. These include handheld, wall mounted, table mounted, mobile base and head mounted medical lamps.

Most well known examination light models allow you the flexibility to order the light with a number of mounting styles. Our most popular exam light models are the Welch Allyn GS300 General Examination Light LED and the Welch Allyn GS Exam Light IV LED as both provide a variety of mounting options.

Medical Light Features

Some Medical Examination Lamps have extra features such as flexible goosenecks which offer greater versatility such as the Welch Allyn GS Exam Light IV LED. Many models also have touchless on/off buttons such as the Welch Allyn GS Exam Light IV LED and the Welch Allyn GS300 General Examination Light LED which aid in maintaining a hygienic environment for your patients.

There are also medical lights that are designed for specific examinations such as the Welch Allyn KleenSpec Cordless Illuminator with Charging System.

Medical Lamps Suppliers

Marne Medical are an Australian distributor and supplier of a range of diagnostic examination lighting to suit any clinical need. We stock well known, quality brands at low prices including Welch Allyn, Superlux, Maggy and FlexLED brands.