Dermatoscopes for Sale

Dermatoscopy, also known as Demoscopy, is the examination and evaluation of skin lesions using a special diagnostic tool called a Dermatoscope. A Dermatoscope allows dermatologists and other skin screening professionals to view the surface of the skin under magnification and are comprised of a magnifier, a cross-polarised or non-polarised light source and transparent plate. Some older models require a liquid medium such as oil or gel to be used in between the instrument and the skin.

Dermatoscopes have the ability to magnify, illuminate and measure skin lesions to help dermatologists distinguish between pigmented skin lesions like basal cell carcinomas and malignant melanoma.

Types of Dermatoscopy

There are two types of Dermatoscopes available, oil immersion (non-polarised) and cross-polarised. Oil immersion dermatoscopes have been used longer in the history of dermatology, however the inconvenience of applying oil or gel makes this type of dermatoscope more time consuming, especially when multiple lesions need to be examined. Cross-polarised Dermatoscopes are increasing in popularity thanks to their brightness now being comparable with oil immersion dermatoscopes. Cross-polarised Dermatoscopes are more expensive, however they tend to be smaller, lighter and more efficient. Some devices offer an extendable faceplate in case interface fluid is required such as the DermLite DL3N and the Heine Delta 20 Plus.

Dermatoscope Prices

The cost of a dermatoscope can range from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars depending on the manufacturer and model. Pocket-sized Dermatoscopes are the most cost-effective thanks to their smaller, more compact size. The Heine Mini 3000 LED Dermatoscope retails for $761 ex GST and is also maintenance free thanks to LED illumination that never has to be replaced.

Dermatoscope Sets are comparatively more expensive due to the additional inclusions such as charging stations, carry cases and contact plates. Our leading Dermatoscopy Set is the DermLite DL3N Dermatoscope which is an extremely portable size and requires no immersion fluid. The set comes with a desktop charger, leather carry pouch and eyepiece. The DL3N device features 28 high powered LEDs, PigmentBoost illumination technology and a long-lasting lithium battery and retails for $1395 ex GST.

Higher range models are also available such as the Heine Delta 20 Plus LED Dermatoscope which has a minimum lifetime rating of 50,000 hours, polarising filter or immersion liquid options and 4 high performance LEDs. It is available as a set with a charger or a set with batteries with prices starting from $2673 ex GST.

Welch Allyn also manufacture their own version of a Dermatoscope called the EpiScope Skin Surface Microscope. Its benefit is that it can fit any 3.5V Welch Allyn power source for facility standardization and is relatively cost effective compared to other brands thanks to its reliance on halogen illumination. The EpiScope is available in a set or head only with sets beginning from $664 ex GST and the head only retailing for $575 ex GST.

How to use a Dermatoscope

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Dermatoscope Brands

USA brand, DermLite is our preferred Dermatoscope brand. It is the world’s best-selling dermatoscope brand and is followed closely by German manufacturer, Heine. Both brands offer an extended 5 year warranty from date of purchase. Welch Allyn also offer the EpiScope Skin Surface Microscope which comes with a 1 year warranty.

Dermatoscopy for Melanoma Detection

Dermoscopy has a higher sensitivity for melanoma detection than naked-eye examination and has been shown to be a useful and fairly inexpensive tool for melanoma detection in family practice. Dermatoscopy can increase family physicians’ confidence in their referral accuracy to dermatologists and can assist in decreasing unnecessary biopsies. The early phase of malignant melanoma is difficult to identify because it shares many features with an atypical nevus. Dermoscopy provides general practitioners with a new dimension in examining pigmented skin lesions and allows them to better identify the early phase of cutaneous malignant melanoma.