How great does the new Multigate branding look?

You may have noticed that Multigate have recently updated their logo and packaging design.

The original navy and green scheme has now been replaced by a teal colour scheme – and we think it looks great!

The new branding is modern, clean and easily identifiable.

“We live in a changing world, and we need to keep changing with it,” says the Multigate website.

“Our new look Multigate reflects our improving ability to innovate and better serve you, your patients and our partners.”

Marne Medical will be working our way through updating all of the Multigate product images on our website to reflect the new branding.

This will occur over the next few months as we sell out of our original branded stock and refresh our stock levels with the new branded products.

Logo Design Update

Old Logo

New Logo

Packaging Design Update

Old Packaging Design

Multigate Basic Dressing Pack 08-559NP

New Packaging Design